Recommissioning Danskammer

Designing a Post-Carbon Monumentality

Clean Water Access in Newburgh, NY
Completed in Residency at Art Omi, Summer 2021

Composition 01: Community Pool and Comfort Station
Composition 02:
Water Fountain
Composition 03: Cooling Center and Water Filling Station

Formal and material signifiers of Danskammer Generating Station + The Hudson River as a fossil fuel corridor.

This series, Recommissioning Danskammer, explores ways to overturn the formal and material monumentality of fossil fuel infrastructure transitioning to obsolescence along the Hudson River. Once towering structures of resource extraction and environmental contamination, how can the formal and material logics of these relics be repurposed into community-centered nodes of service?

I am specifically looking at the Danskammer Generating Station and its proximity to Newburgh, NY, the city’s ongoing battle with water contamination, and how providing access to clean drinking water can serve as a second life for Danskammer.

The formal and material logic of Danskammer is representative of other fossil fuel sites along the Hudson River. This exercise in realigning social and cultural value to these obsolete carbon relics can be applied along the river, returning it’s heritage as a fossil fuel corridor to one in celebration of clean water access.